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Experience The Life Curriculum Index

Module 1. Believe as Jesus Believed: Transformed Minds

  • Session One. Redrawing Your Brain Map
  • Session Two. Recovering Biblical Faith
  • Session Three. Rebuilding the Gospel from the Ground Up
  • Session Four. Rediscovering the Good Life
  • Session Five. Renewing the Mind, Part I: Ideas
  • Session Six. Renewing the Mind, Part 2: Emotions

Module 2. Live as Jesus Lived: Transformed Character


  • Session One. Being Led by God: Into Temptation to Deliverance
  • Session Two. Being Led by God: Through Temptation to Transformation
  • Session Three. Being Led by Our Appetites: Catering to the Cravings of Our Body
  • Session Four. Being Led by Our Ego: Trusting in Our Skillfulness
  • Session Five. Being Led by the Crowd: Bowing to the Pressure of Impatience and Ambition
  • Session Six. Being Led by God: From Temptation to Glory

Module 3. Love as Jesus Loved: Transformed Relationships

  • Session One. Transformed Relationships Are the Seedbed Where Love Is Planted by the Power of Intention
  • Session Two. Transformed Relationships Thrive in Communities Where Love Is Grown in an Environment of Grace and in Relationships of Trust
  • Session Three. Transformed Relationships Remain Vital Only Where Truth Is Exercised within the Context of Love and Integrity of Character Nurtures Trust
  • Session Four. Transformed Relationships Await Us along the Journey of Brokenness
  • Session Five. Transformed Relationships Draw Their Strength to Sustain a Life of Living for Others from the Fertile Soil of Their Character Rich in Humility
  • Session Six. Transformed Relationships Marked by Acts of Submission Are the Evidence that One Fully Intends to Love as Jesus Loved

Module 4. Minister as Jesus Ministered: Transformed Service

  • Session One. Call to Ministry
  • Session Two. Commitment to Ministry
  • Session Three. Conduct in Ministry
  • Session Four. Conflict in Ministry
  • Session Five. Capacity for Ministry
  • Session Six. Compassion in Ministry

Module 5. Lead as Jesus Led: Transformed Influence

  • Session One. Influence
  • Session Two. The Leadership Trap
  • Session Three. Give up the gods
  • Session Four. Dedicate Yourself to the Inner Life
  • Session Five. The Best Leaders are the Best Followers
  • Session Six. Give Yourself to the Principle of Discipleship

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