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Last Name First Name Title Topic Annotation Year PublisherName
Adams Henry W. "I cried, He answered;" A Faithful Record of Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1918
Aldrich Joseph Prayer Summits: Seeking God's Agenda for Your community - 1992 Multnomah
Anderson Leith When God Says No: Discovering the God of Hope Behind the Answers We'd Rather Not Hear. - Deals with the difficult subject of accepting the answer "no" from God and knowing how to respond properly. 1996 Bethany House
Baelz P. R. Prayer and Providence, A Background Study - 1968 SCM Press also Seabury Press, NY 1968
Bakke Robert The Power of Extraordinary Prayer corporate Crossway Books
Bakker Frans Praying Always corporate 1987
Banks Louis Albert Illustrative Prayer Meeting Talks - Misc talks not about prayer 1901
Barclay William The Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer for Everyone 1963 Harper & Row
Barth Karl Prayer According to the Catechisms of the Reformation - 1952 The Westminster Press
Baughen Michael A. Breaking the Prayer Barrier: Getting Through to God - 1981 Harold Shaw Pub, Wheaton, IL
Bennett Arthur The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions - 1975 Banner of Truth, Carlisle, PA
Biederwolf William E. How Can God Answer Prayer? - 1910 Revell
Biehl Bob Praying: How to Start and Keep Going - coauthor: James W. Hagelganz 1976 Gospel Light
Billheimer Paul E. Destined For the Throne authority In Prayer 1975 Bethany House Publishers, Christian Literature Crusade
Bisagno John The Power of Positive Praying - 1965 Zondervan
Blackwood Andrew W. Leading in Public Prayer - 1958 Abingdon Press
Blanchard Charles A. Getting Things from God: a study of the prayer life - 1915
Bloesch Donald G. The Struggle of Prayer - Argues that prayer is not mysticism (rising to God to become one with him) but God reaching out to humanity and calling for a response of obedience. Valuable insights into the meaning of prayer. A Mini Theology on Prayer 1980 Harper & Row
Bloom Anthony Beginning to Pray - 1970 Paulist
Bonhoeffer Dietrich Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible - 1970 Augsburg
Bounds E. M. The Best of E. M. Bounds
Bounds E. M. Power Through Prayer - Zondervan
Bounds E. M. The Necessity of Prayer -
Bounds E. M. E. M. Bounds on Prayer Practics Everything by Bounds good for exhortation. Not very well structured or academic in nature but very encouraging to prayer. Baker
Bradshaw Paul F. Daily prayer in the early Church : a study of the origin and early development of the divine office - 1981
Brandt R. L. Praying with Paul - 1983 Baker
Brandt Robert L. The Spirit Helps Us Pray, A Biblical Theology of Prayer
Brase Lee Praying From God's Heart: Experiencing the Power of God - Focused Prayer. - Designed specifically for small group studies in the home or at church, this workbook will show you how to pray scripturally and deeply. NavPress 1993
Bright Bill The Transforming Power of Fasting and Prayer - 1997 New Life
Bright Bright Unleashing the Power of Prayer: Messages from the International Prayer Assembly Addresses on prayer for renewal and evangelism from the International Prayer Assembly for World Evangelization in Seoul, South Korea, 1984, under the auspices of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. Very valuable resource. 1989 Moody Press
Brings Lawrene M. We Believe in Prayer
Brown Steve Approaching God: How to Pray - Brown explores the practical side of praying - the amount of time we give to it, the time of day, even the most helpful posture. And he helps us understand the 'deeper' side of prayer - the awe and wonder of relating to a great God. 1996 Moorings, a Division of The Ballentine Publishing Group
Brown John An Exposition of Our Lord's Intercessory Prayer: with a discourse on the relation of our Lord's intercession to the conversion of the world - 1978
Brown Charles Ewing The Way of Prayer
Bryant David With Concepts of Prayer: Christians Join for Spiritual Awakening and World Evangelization. corporate A unique approach to corporate prayer, using the "concert" as a metaphor. Widely used in churches and missions organizations. 1984 Regal
Bryant David Hope at Hand Here is good news for praying Christians everywhere as well as incentive for believers to get on their knees, if they aren't there now.
Bunyan John What Prayer Is -
Calvin John Of Prayer a Perpetual Exercise of Faith. And the Daily Benefits Derived from It -
Carre Captain E. G. Praying Hyde
Carroll B. H. Messages on prayer: comprising pungent and penetrating sermons on a subject perennially vital to every Christian - 1942
Carson D. A. Teach Us To Pray: Prayer in the Bible and the World. instructional A collection of articles produced by the Faith and Church Study Unit of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship. Covers biblical teaching, prayer and spirituality, lessons from the world-wide church, and a challenge to pray. 1990 Baker
Cedar Paul A Life of Prayer - Cultivating the inner life of the Christian leader. 265 pages 1998
Chadwick Samuel God Listens or The Path of Prayer - 1963 Christian Literature Crusade
Cho Paul David Yonggi Prayer: Key to Revival - 1984 Word Inc.
Choy Leona Andrew Murray: Apostle of Abiding Love
Christenson Evelyn What Happens When Women Pray - Has been very popular with women's groups. Rather light reading, but has some valuable insights. 1975 Victor Books
Christenson Evelyn A Time to Pray God's Way - A practical guide to praying for the purpose of evangelizing friends and neighbors for Christ. A study guide is also available. 1996 Harvest House
Christenson Evelyn Changing Your Life Through the Power of Prayer Is a compilation of three of Christenson's books on prayer: (1) What Happens When Women Pray, (2) Lord, Change Me!, (3) Gaining Through Losing. 1993 Inspirational Press
Coburn John B. Prayer and Personal Religion - 1967 Westminster Press
Constable Thomas L. Talking to God : What the Bible Teaches About Prayer - A theology of prayer, covering all aspects. 1995 Baker
Conwell Russell H. Effective Prayer
Cox Enos Kincheloe Where is the Lord God of Elijah?
Crichton J.D. Christian Celebration: The Mass, The Sacraments, The Prayer of the Church
Crump David Jesus the Intercessor. Prayer and Christology in Luke-Acts
Cullman Oscar Prayer in the New Testament - 1995
Dawson David M. More Power in Prayer, How to Pray Effectively - 1942 Zondervan
Deison Peter V. The Priority of Knowing God: Taking Time with God When There is No Time Deison shares how you can spend time in prayer and Bible study and worship as you: (a) learn how to overcome "quiet time guilt", (b) understand what a personal time of devotion means to God,
Demaray Donald E. How Are You Praying? A Manual on the Practice of Prayer practics 1985 Zondervan
Deyneka Peter Much Prayer Much Power corporate 1958 Zondervan
Dorsett Lyle E.M. Bounds, Man of Prayer
Doughty W. L. The Prayers of Susanna Wesley
Duewel Wesley L. Mighty Prevailing Prayer - A resource for a study of prayer. A valuable resource for victorious prayer, including prayer for victory over Satan. 1990 Zondervan
Duewell Wesley L. Touch the World through Prayer Praying for Missionaries Inspirational book on personal prayer, especially in the context of evangelism and missions. 1986 Zondervan
Eastman Dick The Hour That Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer. - A great plan for an individual or a group. Challenges believers to devote one hour per day to prayer and presents a twelve step plan for filling that hour. 1978 Baker
Eastman Dick A Celebration of Praise - 1984 Baker
Eastman Dick Living and Praying in Jesus' Name - coauthor: Jack Hayford 1991 Tyndale House
Edman V. Raymond They Found the Secret
Eims Leroy Prayer: More than Words practics 1984 Navpress
Epp Theodore H. Praying with Authority - 1965
Evans Louis Hadley Can You Really Talk to God? - 1982
Evans William Why pray? - 1937
Faris John T. The Book of Answered Prayer
Farrar Frederic William The Lord's prayer; sermons preached in Westminster abbey - 1893
Finney Charles Grandison Prevailing Prayer; Sermons on Prayer - 1965 kregel
Finney Charles Grandison Lectures on Revival (Lectures 4, 5, 6, 8) -
French Ivan Principles and Practice of Prayer - Very good Bible College level material. Well organized. I hope his successor revises and reprints.
Fromer Margaret Let's Pray Together corporate coauthor: Sharrel Keyes 1974 Harold Shaw
Frost Henry Weston Men who prayed c Dealing OT men. 1914
Gaebelein Arno Clemens The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer and its Biblical Solution - 1945
Garrett Constance Growth in Prayer - 1950 Macmillan, NY
George Alfred Raymond Communion with God in the New Testament NT Epworth Press
Getz Gene A. Nehemiah : a man of prayer and persistence - 1981
Goforth Rosalind How I know God Answers Prayer - Moody Press
Gordon A. J. Quite Talks on Prayer
Gordon A. J. In the Secret Place of the Most High
Graves Robert W. Praying in the Spirit - 1987 Chosen
Greeven Robert W. Praying in the Spirit
Greeven Heinrich New Testament Words for Prayer
Grenz Stanley J. Prayer: The Cry for the Kingdom corporate From the model of the early church, Grenz argues that the church must become a praying church if it wants to experience renewal. 1988 Hendrickson Publishers
Griffith-Thomas W. H. Life Abiding and Abounding: Bible Studies on Prayer and Mediation
Grubb Norman Rees Howells - Intercessor intersession 1952 C. L. C.
Guest John Only a Prayer Away: Finding Deeper Intimacy with God corporate R. C. Sproul commented: This book is written by a man on prayer. We can all learn from it. 1985, 1992 Vine Books, Baker
Hallesby Ole Prayer - Very good. Solid instruction A classic on strengthening the prayer life. 1994 Augusburg
Hallimond John G. The Miracle of Answered Prayer - 1916 The Christian Herald
Harkenss Georgia Prayer and the Common Life
Harrison Norman B. His in a Life of Prayer - 1927 Moody Press
Harvey Edwin & Lillian Kneeling We Triumph (two books) - Calls upon believers to direct their desires to God in a spirit of devotion, love and prayer. True happiness from God will result. 1974 Moody Press
Haskins Dorothy A Practical Primer on Prayer
Hastings James The Great Christian Doctrines: Prayer - 1915 Charles Scribner's Sons, New York
Hayman Eric Prayer and the Christian Life
Heiler Friedrich Prayer, A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion - Bloesch--"A book that has had a decisive influence on my understanding of prayer." 1932 Oxford University Press
Heiler Friedrich Prayer: A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion - 1945 Morehouse - Gorham Co. also Oxfor Univ Press 1958
Heinemann Joseph Prayer in the Period of the Tanna'im and the Amora'im: Its Nature and Patterns
Heinemann Joseph Prayer in the Talmud: Forms and Patterns
Herman Bridgid Emma Creative Prayer - 1921 James Clarke & Co., London
Herman Nicholas The Practice of the Presence of God
Hiebert David Edmond Working with God Through Intercessory Prayer - 1987
Hinten Marvin D. God is Not a Vending Machine…So Why Pray Like He Is?
Hopwood P.G.S. The Religious Experience of the Primitive Church
Horne John Prayer Promptings
Houston James M. The Transforming Power of Prayer: Deepening Your Friendship with God - Closely examines the true nature of prayer and helps us view prayer not as a dreary exercise or a skill to be mastered, but as a valuable chance to deepen our friendship with God. 1996 Navpress
Houston James The Transforming Friendship, A Guide to Prayer - A much praised study of prayer in Scripture and modern life. 1989 A Lion Book
Hubbard David A. The Problem with Prayer Is - 1972 Tyndale House
Huegel F. J. The Ministry of Intercession - 1971 Dimension Books
Huegel F. J. Successful Praying instructional 1959 Dimension Books / Bethany Fellowship
Hughes R. Kent Abba Father: The Lord's Pattern for Prayer - 1986 Crossway Books
Hughes H. Trevor Prophetic Prayer: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Prayer to the Reformation
Hunt T. W. The Doctrine of Prayer teaching
Hunt T. W. Disciple's Prayer Life: Walking in Fellowship with God. - Helps adults learn to pray through experiences based on prayers of the Bible. Its 13 sessions offer practical experiences that strengthens and deepens prayer lives and helps churches develop an intercessory prayer ministry
Hunt Art Praying With the One You Love - A practical, step-by-step guide to praying as a couple. Assists couples in developing a strong and intimate relationship that is based on shared spiritual growth through prayer. 1996 Multnomah Books
Hunter W. Bingham The God Who Hears - Bible or Seminary level. Great research and footnotes. 224 pages 1986 InterVaristy Press
Hunter A. M. A Pattern of Life
Hybels Bill Too Busy Not to Pay: Slowing Down to Be with God - Hybels draws on his own experiences and those of busy people in his church to help you overcome prayer barriers and learn how to meet, talk and walk with the Lord. 1988 InterVersity Press
Ironside Henry A. The mission of the Holy Spirit; and, Praying in the Holy Spirit - 1950
Jay Eric George Origen's Treatise on Prayer - 1954 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London
Jeremiah David Prayer: The Great Adventure - 1997 Multnomah Publishers
Jeremias Joachim The Prayers of Jesus - 1967 SCM Philadelphia Fortress Press 1978
Jeremias Joachim The Lord's Prayer - 1964 Fortress Press
Johnson Lois Walfrid Either Way, I Win
Johnstone Patrick J. Operation World-Day by Day guide to Praying for the World Intercession 1980 STL
Keller W. Phillip A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer - 1976
Kelly Douglas F. If God Already Knows, Why Pray? - 1989 Wolgemuth & Hyatt
King Guy Hope Prayer Secrets - 1940 Marshall, Morgan and Scott
Lavender John Allan Why Prayers Are Unanswered - 1967 Judson Pres
Lawrence Roy How to Pray When Life Hurts: Experiencing the Power of Healing Prayer - A solid, realistic aid to prayer in the difficult times of life. Is understanding of the hurts people experience but does not minimize sin and personal responsibility. 1993 InterVarsity Press
Lawson James Gilchrist Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians - 1911 Warner Press
Laymon Charles M. The Lord's Prayer in its Biblical Setting - 1968 Abingdon Press
Laymon Charles M. Great Prayers of the Bible
Lea Larry Could You Not Tarry One Hour? Lord's Prayer 1987 Creation House
Lewis C.S. Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer - Filled with insightful comments on prayer. 1973 Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovick
Lindsay Gordon Praying To Change the World Series - Prayers of OT men 122p CFN
Lindsell Harold When You Pray - 1975 Tyndale
Lockyer Herbert All the Prayers Of the Bible analysis A good survey of the prayers of the Bible. Zondervan
Lockyer Herbert How I Can Make Prayer More Effective - Zondervan
Lohmeyer Ernst "Our Father"; an Introduction to the Lord's Prayer - 1965
Luthi Walter The Lord's Prayer: An Exposition - 1961 Oliver and Boyd
Lutzer Erwin Wesley Coming to grips with unanswered prayer - Lutzer helps us find answers to the difficult question of why God doesn't always answer our prayers, while shedding light on the character of God. 1990
MacArthur Jr. John Alone with God: The Power and Passion of Prayer. - MacArthur explores the anatomy of effective prayer and presents a refreshing biblical model you can begin following.
MacArthur Jr. John F. Jesus' Pattern of Prayer - c1981 Moody Press
MacDonald Hope Discovering How to Pray - Outlines nine steps that can lead to a meaningful life of prayer and worship. A study guide is also available. 1976 Zondervan
Magee John Reality and Prayer: A Guide to the Meaning and Practice of Prayer - 1957 Harper & Bros., NY
Main Keith Prayer and Fasting
Maltz Betty Prayers That Are Answered
Mann Stella Terrill Change Your Life Through Prayer
Manschreck Clyde Prayers of the Reformers - 1958 Epworth Press
Marshall Catherine Adventures in Prayer - Chosen Books
Martin Glen Power House: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Church that Prays corporate Power House teaches how to assess your congregation's prayer skills and how to develop a step by step strategy for renewal and outreach. c1994 Broadman and Holman
Maxwell John The Power of Prayer Partnerships - John Maxwell gives practical insight into (a) the fundamentals of prayer, (b) improving personal prayer life, 1996 Thomas Nelson
McConkey James H. Prayer - 1939 Silver Publishing Society
McCord David Let Us Pray
McGaw Francis A. Praying Hyde: Glimpses of the Amazing Prayer-life of a Missionary in India Whose Intercession "changed things" for the Sialkot revival / By Francis A. McGaw … - c1923
McGraw Louise Harrison Does God Answer Prayer? 1941 Zondervan
Merton Thomas Contemplative Prayer c 1969 Herder and Herder
Miller Samuel Thoughts on Public Prayer - c1994 Sprinkle
Miller Basil Charles G. Finney: He Prayed Down Revivals
Miller Basil George Miller: The Man of Faith
M'Intyre David M. The Prayer Life of Our Lord or Prayer Life of Jesus -
Mitchell Curtis C. Praying Jesus' Way: A New Approach To personal prayer - 1977 Revell
Mitchell Curtis C. Don't Pray for the Unsaved Christianity Today Sept 16, 1983
Moody Dwight L. Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders It - Classic set of addresses on the elements of prayer. 1884 Revell
Morgan G. Campbel The Practice of Prayer - 1971 Baker Book
Muck Terry C. Liberating the Leader's Prayer Life - Sound advice on prayer for leaders, from the Leadership Library series. 1985 Word Books
Mueller George How God Answers Prayer: As Set Forth in the Narrative of Some of the Lord's Dealings with George Muller / compiled by A. E. C. Brookes. - 1979
Mueller George Autobiography of George Muller: or, A million and a half in answer to prayer / compiled by G. Fred. Bergin ; with concluding chapter by Arthur T. Pierson. - 1929
Mueller George The Life of Trust
Murray Andrew With Christ in the School of Prayer Instruction Classic on intercessory prayer. 1885. Revell
Murray Andrew The Prayer Life: The Inner Chamber and the Deepest Secret of Pentecost - Classic guide to overcoming prayerlessness and revitalizing personal prayer. 1912 George H. Doran
Murray Andrew Waiting on God -
Murray Andrew Ministry of Intercessory Prayer -
Murray Andrew Complete Works of Andrew Murray All of his books are worth reading. Mystical in a good way. Best buy is “The complete Works of
Nappa Mike and Amy 52 Fun Family Prayer Adventures: Creative Ways to Pray Together A book containing 52 original family prayer activities. An index of Bible verses is also included in the back of the book. 1996 : Augsburg Fortress
Nee Watchman Let Us Pray - 1977 Regal Books
Nee Watchman The Prayer Ministry of the Church corporate 1973 Christian Fellowship Publishers, 11515 Allecingie Parkway, Richmond,VA 23235
Nystrom, Carolyn What is Prayer? - Child's picture book on the meaning and practice of prayer. c 1981 Moody Press
Owen John A Discourse on the Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer (vol 4)
Packer J. I. Keep in Step with the Spirit - 1984 Revell
Palmer Benjamin Morgan Theology of Prayer Full title is “Theology of Prayer as viewed in the religion of nature and in the system of Grace. - A good theology of prayer for the serious student. Palmer was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, LA 352 pages
Parker William R. Prayer Can Change Your Life: Experiments and Techniques in Prayer Therapy - 1975 [195 7] Revell
Parkhurst Louis G. Charles G. Finney's Answers to Prayer
Payne Thomas Prayer--The Greatest Force on Earth - Marshall Brothers
Petuchowski Jacob J. The Lord's Prayer and Jewish Liturgy
Phelps Austin The Still Hour or Communion with God - 1974 Banner of Truth
Pierson Arthur Tappan George Muller of Bristol and his witness to a prayer-hearing God with an introduction by James Wright. - 1899?
Pink Arthur Walkington A Guide to Fervent Prayer - Baker
Pratt Richard Pray With Your Eyes Open - 1987 Presbyterian & Reformed
Prime Derek A Christian's Guide to Prayer
Prince Derek Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting how Christians can change world events through the simple, yet powerful tools of prayer and fasting. - 1973 Derek Prince Ministries Inter P.O. Box 19501 Charlotte, NC 28219
Radclife Lynn Making Prayer Real - 1952 Abingdon Press
Rainsford Marcus Our Lord Prays for His Own - 1950 Moody Press
Ravenhill Leonard Why Revival Tarries -
Ravenhill Leonard Revival Praying Revival, individual 1962 Bethany
Rees Paul Stromberg Prayer and Life's Highest - 1956
Rice John R. Prayer, Asking and Receiving - 1970 Sword of the Lord
Rosage David E. Meeting God in Every Moment: The Art of Living in God's Presence
Ruscoe Doris M. The Intercession of Rees Howells intercession 1983 Christian Literature Crusade
Ryken Philip When You Pray -
Ryle J.C. Call to Prayer - 1977 Discovery House
Sangster W. E. The Pattern of Prayer - coauthor: Leslie Dawson 1962 The Epworth Press
Sanny Lorne How to Spend a Day in Prayer
Sargent John A Memoir of Rev. Henry Martyn
Savage Robert Pocket Prayers
Scott E. F. The Lord's Prayer - 1951 Scribner
Scroggie W. Graham Method in Prayer - c1916]
Scroggie W. Graham How to Pray - A competent exposition of the five parts of prayer as found in the Lord's Prayer: adoration, confession, petition, intercession and thanksgiving. 1985 Kregel Publications
Scroggie W. Graham Paul's Prison Prayers 1981 Kregel Publications
Searle Walter (ed) David Brainerd's Personal Testimony
Sergio Lisa (ed) Prayers of Women
Shaw S. B. Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1897 S. B. Shaw, Chicago
Sheets Dutch Working with God Intercessory Prayer Intercession
Simpson Albert B. The Life of Prayer - 1925 Christian Alliance Publishing, CLC
Simpson Robert L. The Interpretation of Prayer in the Early Church corporate 1965 The Westminster Press
Spear Wayne The Theology of Prayer - Baker Book House
Sproul R. C. Effective Prayer, Making Prayer all It Is Meant to Be - 1989 Tyndale
Spurgeon C. H. Only A Prayer Meeting corporate Has a good introduction the importance of the prayer meeting. Short , extempory talks given to the 1,000 people gathered on Monday evening for prayer.
Spurgeon C. H. Twelve Sermons on Prayer -
Spurgeon C. H. Effective Prayer - Evangel Press
Spurgeon C. H. Lectures to My Students Ch 3 Private Prayer Ch 4 Public Prayer
Stanley Charles F. Handle With Prayer Practics c1982 Victor Books
Stanley David M. Boasting in the Lord
Stedman Ray Talking to My Father - 1975 Multnomah Press
Steer Roger George Mueller: Delighted in God - 1975
Steer Roger Spiritual Secrets of George Mueller
Steere Douglas V. Dimensions of Prayer - 1962 Harper & Row
Stoddard Janet Private Prayer in Christian Story
Strauss Lehman Sense and Nonsense about Prayer - 1974 Moody Press
Strong A. H. Systematic Theology (Providence related to prayer, p 433
Talling MarshalP. Extempore Prayer, Its Principles, Preparation, and Practice - 1902 James Robinson
Taylor Howard Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secrets -
Taylor Mrs Howard Behind the Ranges: Fraser of Lisuland Southwest China
Thielicke Helmut Our Heavenly Father: Sermons on the Lord's Prayer - 1974 Baker Book, Harper & Row
Thomas Robert L. The Imprecatory Prayers of the Apocalypse (Bibliotheca Sacra 125:502)
Thomson James G.S.S. The Praying Christ: A Study of Jesus' Doctrine and Practice of Prayer 1959 Eerdmans
Tippitt Sammy The Prayer Factor 1988 Moody Press
Title Ernest F. The Prayer That Helps Us Live: An Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer
Tittle Ernest F. The Lord's Prayer
Torrey R.A. How to Pray Principles 1945 Moody Press
Torrey R.A. The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power 191 pages A classic on prayer. Discusses the freedom, peace, and security available through prayer and answers common questions about prayer. 1955 Zondervan
Torrey R. A. Power and Peace in Prayer 1978 Good News
Townsend Anne J. Prayer Without Pretending - Compelling response to the question: "Does it really matter whether or not I pray?" 1976 Moody Press
Tozer Aiden Wilson The Praying Plumber of Lisburn : a sketch of God's dealings with Thomas Haire - 1966?
Tozer A. W. The Pursuit of God
Trueblood Elton The Lord's Prayer - 1965 Harper & Row
Trumball H. Clay Prayer Its Nature and Scope - 1896
Unknown Unknown The Kneeling Christian -
Vander Griend Alvin J. The Praying Church Sourcebook corporate One of the best book for all inclusive prayer life and ministry of church.
Vos Johannes G. The Ethical Problem of the Imprecatory Psalms
Wallis Arthur Jesus Prayed - 1966 Christian LiteratureCrusade
Wallis Arthur Pray in the Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Ministry of Prayer - c1970
Wang Hermann The Prayers of Acts
Watt Gordon B. The strategic value of prayer - 1921
Watters Philip The Prayers of the Bible
Watts Isaac A Guide to Prayer - Good for practical “how to” ideas for secret prayer and public or corporate Banner of Truth (Epworth Press, London 1948)
White John Daring to Draw Near: People in Prayer - Study of prayer in the lives of ten biblical characters, including Jesus Christ. 1977 Inter Varsity Press
Whitston Charles R. Teach Us to Pray: A Study of Distinctively Christian Praying
Whyte Alexander Lord Teach Us to Pray: Sermons on Prayer - 1935 Oliphants Ltd, (Hodder & Stoughton 1922)
Wiersbe Warren W. Something Happens When Churches Pray corporate Uses the Book of Acts as a model to call the church back to prayer. 1984 Back to the Bible
Wiersbe Warren W. Famous Unanswered Prayers - Unanswered prayers of Bible characters 1986 The Good News BroadcastingAssoc
Wiersbe Warren W. Listen! Jesus Is Praying: An Expository Study of John 17 - 1982 Tyndale HousePublishers
Wiersbe Warren W. Classic Sermons on Prayer - 1965 Kregel
Wiles Gordon Pitts Paul's Intercessory Prayers - 1974 Cambridge University Press
Willis-Watkins Edward David Daring Prayer - Bloesch--"Willis' basic biblical orientation is slightly compromised by his aligning himself with Tillich's attempt to deliteralize the biblical myth" 1977 John Knox
Winward Stephen Teach Yourself to Pray instructional
Yount David Breaking Through God's Silence: A Guide to Effective Prayer Deals with the topic of prayer for those who are not familiar with the practice. It has a broad doctrinal base and gleans from many traditions. 1996 Simon & Schuster
Zodhiates Spiros Why Pray?
Zwener Samuel Marinus Taking Hold of God c1936

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