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Bible Book Study Guide - Matthew

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Introductory Survey Of The Book

These can be very helpful in gaining a sense of the overall message and emphasis of the book.

Bill McRae: “Matthew” [Audio Only]
From the series: “Survey of the Bible”

**Mark Dever (Capital Hill Baptist Church): “Jesus, the Son of David – The Message of Mathew” [Audio Only]

**Ray Stedman (Peninsula Bible Church): “The Message of Matthew: Behold Your King” [Text, PDF, Audio, Spanish translation available]
From the Series: Adventuring Through the Bible


Usually this is the systematic exposition of a biblical text in the form of a sermon, and is usually part of a larger series of messages on that book.

David Anderson (Littleton Bible Chapel): “The Gospel of Matthew” [Audio] (Multi part series in progress, will be uploaded as preached.)

Allen Ross: “An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew” [Text, Word] (32 lessons)

John F. Walvoord: “Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come” [Text] (28 lessons plus bibliography and introduction)

Bob Deffinbaugh: “Studies in the Gospel of Matthew” [Text, Word] (37 lessons coving much of Matthew. Some lessons may be by other speakers. Audio messages are available when a manuscript has not been posted.)
“Fatal Failures of Religion” [Text, Word] (This is the first of a six part series dealing with Matthew 5:1—7:21)
Part of the Series: “Highlights in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ” [Text, Word]
“How to Tell a Gnat From a Camel” [Audio]
“The Biography of the Betrayer (Matthew 26:1-16)” [Text, Word]

**S. Lewis Johnson (Believers Chapel): “The Gospel of Matthew” [Text, PDF, Audio] (100 messages through Matthew)

**Tommy Nelson (Denton Bible Church): “Matthew” [Audio] (nearly 100 expository sermons, going through Matthew)

**Ray Stedman (Peninsula Bible Church): “What on Earth is Coming?” [variety of Text, PDF, and audio] (a 25 lesson study of the last days in Matthew 7:21-23; Revelation 17:1-6; Matthew 23-24)

Chip Bell: “The Kingdom Handbook” [Text, Word, PDF, Audio] (a 26 week series on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7)

Greg Herrick: “A Summary of understanding the Sermon on the Mount” [Text, Word]
“Exposition of Matthew 6:1-8” [Text, Word]
“Jesus, Religion, and True Spirituality: A Look at Four Beatituides” [Text, Word] (focus is on the first 4 beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-6)
“The Issue of Forgiveness in the Sermon on the Mount” [Text, Word] (focus on Matthew 6:12-15)

Hampton Keathley IV: “The Parables” [Text, Word] (31 studies on the parables of Jesus)
“The Parables in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 25)” [Text, Word]
“Matthew 6: The Practice of Righteousness” [Text, Word]
“The ‘Outer Darkness’: Heaven’s Suburb or Hell?” [Text, Word]

Keith Krell: “Counter-Cultural Christianity: Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1—7:29)” [Text, Word] (12 messages)

Jeff Miller: “The Sermon on the Mount” [Audio] (15 messages)

**Steve Zeisler (Peninsula Bible Church): Sermon on the Mount [Text, PDF] (14 messages on Matthew 5-7)

David Dean: “The Warnings From Jesus” [Audio] (Exposition of Matthew 12:22-37)
“Walking on Water” [Audio] (Matthew 14:22-33)

Study Helps And Related Materials

Tom Constable: Constable’s Expository Notes on Matthew [PDF] Also available in our Bible Study Tool under the Constable’s Notes Tab

David Malick: “An Introduction to Matthew” [Text]
“An Argument of Matthew” [Text]
“A Bibliography of Matthew” [Text]

Daniel B. Wallace: “Matthew: Introduction, Argument, and Outline” [Text, Word]

Darrell L. Bock: “Overview of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” [Text]

Matthew Allen: “The Kingdom in Matthew” [Text, Word]

W. B. Bruce: “Fishers of Men” [Audio]

David Dawson: “The Life of Christ” [Text as outline, PDF, Audio, Video]

Hampton Keathley IV: “The Miracles of Jesus” [Text, Word]

Jeff Miller: “The Coming of the King” [Audio] (6 messages on the coming of Christ)
“What’s It Worth To You? (Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price) [Text, Audio]
“Jesus, the Master Storyteller” [Audio] (a lesson study of the parables of Jesus)

Peter L. Smith: “Chronology & Synopsis of the Passion Week” [Text, PDF]

Devotional Studies

Greg Herrick: “Airplanes, Storms, and God’s Blue Sky” [Text, Word] (Matthew 11:28-30)
“‘I Am with You Always, Through Thick and Thin’” [Text, Word] (Matthew 28:18-20)

Women’s Studies

Kay Daigle: “Take a Leap of Faith! – Week 1 Lecture” [Text, Word, Audio, PPT] (a lesson which deals with Matthew 14:22-33 and 16:13-17)

Children’s Studies

Jody Hooper: “Jesus in Matthew and Mark” [Text, PDF, Word, PPT, Curriculum] (8 lessons on texts in Matthew)
“Jesus in Luke” [Text, Word, PDF, PPT, Curriculum] (9 lessons, 5 have parallel passages in Matthew-- as noted on the series page)
“Holy Week” [Text, Word, PDF, PPT, Curriculum] (10 lessons on Holy Week, 6 deal with Matthew texts)
“Parables” [Text, PDF, PPT, Curriculum] (11 lessons, 4 deal with texts in Matthew)


John Walsh: “Book 4: Beauty from Ashes,” lessons 174-219.
From the Series: “All the Stories of the Bible [PDF]

**Steve Zeisler (Peninsula Bible Church): “Epic: The Astonishing Story of God and the World” [Text, PDF, Audio] (see lessons from February 24 – March 31)

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