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April 2013
What a great first quarter has had, and it was all thanks to you. Thank you for using's resources and thank you for your generous donations that make this ministry possible. 
Your generous donations has enabled to...
  • Hire a New Team Member
  • Build a New SMS Feature (used over 2250 times)
  • Publish Three New Books
  • Add Satellite Maps to the NET Bible Study Environment
  • Add Personal Notes Icon to NET Bible Study Environment
  • Build a New Search Site
  • Build a Customizable Verse of the Day Widget
  • Build a Customizable NETBibleTagger
  • Add Articles From Four New Authors
  • Post 205 Articles
  • Post 27 Translated Articles (not included in the 205 Articles)
  • Strategically give away over 550 Bibles
  • Allow over 16,000 free downloads of the NET Bible online
  • Grow Social Media presence by 18,626 new followers
  • Serve 742,709 visits to the NET Bible Study Environment from 209 countries
  • Serve over 5.5 millions visits to from over 3.9 million unique visitors from 229 countries
  • Break the record of pageviews in a single day 8 times

Year to date has received $12,261 in donations.


Looking Ahead
We have many more exciting updates being developed to continue to impact people's lives for God's glory. Aside from the growth of more free content, here is a preview of a two big items we are working on:
  • New redesign of the website
  • New NET Bible Mobile App
What Fans Are Saying
"Thanks for your hard work and providing such useful tools for the public. A whole hearted thank you." - Mitch 


"Your website is incredibly helpful in my Bible studies. You guys are doing a tremendous job. Please keep up the good work. God Bless you for all the hard work you put in." - Juan


"Just wanted to thank you for all your work and effort put into the NET Bible. What a resource that is simply overwhelming. It is a blessing beyond comprehension really. Thank you." - Chet  


"Dearest Team of Bible.Org, 
We (your numerous readers) thank Almighty God for your lives, the mighty work you are doing to spread the work of God, the winning of souls etc.etc. We appreciate you very much. You might underestimate the enormity of the work you are doing, but we pray for God's blessings upon your lives and pray also that God should multiply your crowns in the New Jerusalem. I know you will be surprised to see the fruit of your labor when Christ comes again. I really treasure your site. God bless you all." - Jacob 


"My Friends, is a tool that will help you read, study, and learn what God has for us in His Word. There are awesome research materials to further yourself in the ministry of our Lord. I highly recommend adding this as a part of your search for God's wisdom and understanding. I found this site 10 years ago, I have used in my study for at least 6 of those years. This site is in my Top 10 research materials." - Florrie


We Covet Your Prayers
When great things are happening on the Lord's behalf expect to be opposed by the evil one. Please pray for's ministry. We are not immune to opposition. We covet your prayers.
Will You Support Serves in Africa has a global impact. In 2012 the website alone reached people from 227 countries. Fifteenth on the list of most visits came from Kenya. 
In April, is serving alongside graduates of Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) for two pastors conferences in Kenya (Eldoret and Kijabe). 
Quick Facts About Kenya:
  • Population: 43 million (31st most in world)
  • Official Language: English and Swahili
  • Literacy: 87.4% age 15 and over can read and write
  • Mobile Phones: 28 million (36th most in world)
  • Internet Users: 4 million (59th in world)
  • 520,400 refugees from Somalia; 34,800 from South Sudan; 34,000 from Ethiopia.
  • 82.5% Christian (33.75 million)
  • 48.9% Evangelical (19.99 million)
  • 92,000+ visitors came from Kenya to's website in 2012 
The conferences are designed to teach and work with pastors who will take what they have learned into the world. With the presence of numerous refugees and political entities these pastors will have an important role in their country. Pray for the church and the leaders of local churches in Kenya. They will need wisdom from above to navigate these issues, serve their flock, and preach the Gospel. 
Each conference will have 100 pastors in attendance. For more information and opportunities to partner financially in this endeavor please learn more at
More people are discussing the Bible more than ever before. The Paperback NET Bible is high quality at a very affordable price. It is the perfect give away to complement any popular attractions to the Bible. Therefore we have reduced the price from $4.50 to $3.50. 
More people are discussing the Bible more than ever before. The Paperback NET Bible is high quality at a very affordable price. It is the perfect give away to complement any popular attractions to the Bible. Therefore we have reduced the price from $4.50 to $3.50. 
Give this Bible away. It is readable and the 7,722 notes by the translators will definitely help the new owner understand it even though you may never see them again. 
For large orders of 15,000 Bibles or more, please call 1-800-575-2425 for special pricing at least 75 days in advance. Custom covers will also be available soon.
April 19-20, 2013 at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Carrollton, TX
Join a discussion of how our pluralistic society views the Christian faith and how we can better engage non-believers in the public square. will be there, so come introduce yourself. We would love to meet you!


Official Blog now has a new blog for its official news and updates. It is designed to give readers a quick glance on the advancements the team is making regularly.
New Site: upgraded its search functionality a few months ago. Now we have a new site just for search: It's clean, calm, and quick. Search without distraction.  
Tips and Tricks: NETBibleTagger
The game is simple. All who wish to participate in the sword drill raise their Bibles in the air. When the the verse is given and the leader yells, "charge" the players scramble to find it. Pages shuffle until the person who finds it first stands and begins to read the Scripture reference aloud. Hello candy bar!
When you're accessing's articles the NETBibleTagger wins this game every time. Like the fastest guy in a sword drill the NETBibleTagger instantaneously displays a popup box over every verse (or chapter) that appears as a link. But you don't have to feed it a candy bar! Very simple isn't it?

In the example, Psalm 23 appears as a blue link:


Mouse over the verse (or chapter) that appears as a link and the NETBibleTagger displays the verse in a clean looking popup box. No click. No hassles. No need to navigate away from the article to look it up. It's pure genius. Just scroll up and down within the popup box to read more.    


Mouse away from the verse and the popup box is gone. 

The Tip and Trick You Can Take
Many have added the NETBibleTagger to their websites and blogs and you can too.

No permission is required. freely supplies the programming code for you. Learn how to do so. Follow the easy step by step instructions on where to copy and paste the code to your website or blog.

It is perfect for any personal or ministry website. Put your readers at ease. Let the NETBibleTagger be their sword drill champion!

The Big Tip: New Customizable NETBibleTagger! 
Hot Off the Press: The NETBibleTagger is now even more customizable. Want the NETBibleTagger to look more like your blog or website? Pick the same colors and fonts to match. Make the NETBibleTagger look more native to your site. Don't let it visually clash.

There are two pages in Labs right now. Just to recap:

  • Basics of the NETBibleTagger (How To)
  • Custom NETBibleTagger
Other Tutorials for the NETBibleTagger
Rejoicing in Christ's Resurrection,
The Team
Texting the Scriptures
Satellite Maps
Search Site
Custom NETBibleTagger
Custom Verse of the Day Widget
Personal Notes Icon
Kenya, Africa
SMS and Africa
The significance of the NET Bible's Texting the Scriptures cannot go unnoticed: "Mobile phones are kicking off a revolution in Africa" (SXSW: How Mobile Devices Are Changing Africa). 
The NET Bible is ready for this trip to Kenya! This free SMS service should be refreshing to a church that has been afflicted by those who may be using mobile technology in an injurious manner.

One preacher faithfully invited people to take a Bible home with them if they didn't own one. 


Another preacher said, "Giving away a Bible is better than giving away a tract." 
Many ministries can utilize the Paperback Edition NET Bible:
  • Students at Christian academies
  • Sunday school classrooms
  • Youth group centers
  • Christian camps
  • Addictions recovery groups
The Paperback NET Bible Specs:
  • 4 ½" wide
  • 6 ⅞" tall
  • 1 " thick
  • 1 lb.
  • 8 pt text
  • 5.5 pt notes
  • Smyth Sewn
  • Premium Bible Paper
  • 7,722 notes
  • 25 page glossary
  • 42 page concordance
  • 16 page map section

Learn more

New Authors
It is a pleasure to announce two new authors have contributed their quality content for free access on
Steven Cole has been a pastor for more than 35 years. He currently serves at a local church in Flagstaff, AZ.
Read or listen to his series on 2 Peter.
Jeff Horch is an associate pastor in Clinton, IA. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A.B.S., '06) and loves to encourage Christians in their faith.
Read or listen to his sermon on Psalm 47.
A Christian Women's Collective
The Tapestry Blog is always being updated with excellent and thought provoking posts. Check it out and if it is good share it with others!
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