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Pastors Conference April 2013

                     has a global impact.

In April, is serving alongside graduates of Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) for two pastors conferences in Kenya (Eldoret and Kijabe).

Quick facts about Kenya: 

  • Population: 43 million (31st in world)
  • HIV/AIDS: 1.5 million (4th most in world)
  • Official Language: English and Kiswahili
  • Literacy: 87.4% age 15 and over can read and write
  • Mobile Phones: 28 million (36th most in world)
  • Internet Users: 4 million (59th in world)
  • 520,400 refugees from Somalia; 34,800 from South Sudan; 34,000 from Ethiopia
  • 82.5% Christian (33.75 million)
  • 48.9% Evangelical (19.99 million)
  • 92,000+ visitors came from Kenya to's website in 2012

The conferences are designed to teach and work with pastors who will take what they have learned into the world. With numerous refugees, political entities, and health concerns, these pastors will have a key role in their country. Pray for the church and the leaders of local churches in Kenya. They will need wisdom from above to navigate these issues and preach the Gospel.

There will be 100 pastors attending each conference.

The first conference will be in Eldoret. 

Total conference price $7,500

Support one pastor - $75

The second conference will be in Kijabe.

Total conference price $7,500

Support one pastor - $75

If you would like to support the entire conference, one pastor, or any other amount please use the donation buttons above.

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