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The Word joins our Fall Celebration


theWord bible study software  joins in our Fall Celebration Fund Raiser. For those unfamilar with theWord software it is a very high quality free bible study software you can put on your computer and use without Internet connection. We at have partnered with theWord developer and have given them our free NET Bible package and licensed our premium package with all the notes so you can enjoy the NET Bible in a stand alone bible study program. We are also working to add the Chinese NET Bible into it for world wide distribution.

Until Nov 25, 30% of all profits of all non-free modules of theWord will be given as a donation to as part of the Fall Celebration Fund Raiser.

There are currently 23 for-pay modules for the word. Buy any of them and theWord will donate 30% of their profit to Take advantage also of the huge free library available at no cost.

Download theWord now  and check their list of for-pay modules




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