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 Welcome to and the home of NET bible!
We strive to make this website as comprehensive a tool as we can. It is our hope and prayer that you'll find all the tools and resources at your disposal to not only be useful but truly helpful in your spiritual journey.
Since we do have quite a lot to offer, we have provided this page to help you get started finding what you are looking for.
FREE website and study aid tools:

  • 〉 Online FREE NET bible/study tool.
  • 〉 Daily reading plans to fit any schedule can be found here.
  • 〉 For a list of study / research topics provided by scholars click here.
  • 〉 FREE Website tools that you can use to integrate into your website are here.
  • 〉 For seminars (some free some with a low cost) are found here.
  • Sections / Communities providing specific resources for different ministry groups such as men, women, and pastors. Whatever group you may be a part of where God is the central purpose for your meeting, then look here for valuable resources. Each section has unique needs and we have provided unique resources to help you accomplish your ministry goals.              
  • 〉 Click Curriculum (or study series) which can be used in your sermons or bible studies.
  • 〉 Go to Theology Program for an entire course with downloadable teacher presentation material which will allow you to teach this to your own church / organization staff or for “new” christian classes.
  • 〉 There are forums you can take advantage of as well see what questions others have had and the answers they've received. Maybe someone you know has the same question? Or you've been presented a difficult question you're not sure how to answer.

If there are additional things you are interested in feel free to look around or use the search feature to assist you. If you still have trouble just let us know we'll try to help you as best we can.
God bless you on your spiritual journey and in your walk with Christ!

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