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Welcome to the Men's Ministry where we help equip you for impact. Ephesians 6:10-13 teaches us that if you are a Christian man, then you are called into the battle of life. This is not an invitation. This is a command. For far too long, men have been on the sidelines, in the bleachers, or on the couch while the spiritual forces of evil have corrupted our culture, attacked our families, and infiltrated the Church. If you are a Christian man, then you are a leader. As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we must become the sacrificial servant leaders that He modeled for us. We are to be His true ambassadors 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. At we are working hard to equip the front lines of Christian ministry. In doing so we discovered that men on the front lines need help. Therefore we have created this resource center for you.

Equipping Men For Impact

Check out the blog and the other resources found on this page. Equipping men for impact was designed to help men be the kind of man that God is looking for, that He designed us to be - the kind of man that makes a woman say, "That's my husband" or your children say, " That's my Dad". It takes a real man to follow God's word and stand firm in his truth without giving into the world and its desires.

Men's Forums

The Garage is a forum on where men are being called to a deep, daily, dependent, and serious fellowship with Jesus Christ. It is a safe place where we are helping men develop relationships with other men of faith... as the Bible describes iron sharpening iron. Maybe you are in need of some help or maybe you are person qualified and able to help others.

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