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The NET Bible Drawer

A simple short video to give you an overview of the NET Bible Drawer

How does the Drawer work?

On any article look for this icon on the upper right:

You can either click on it or drag it towards the center of the page to open the drawer.  The Drawer can be set to any size width.

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NETBibleTagger Bookmarklet Tutorial

Check out this neat little tool that you put in your bookmark bar that you click on when you visit any web page. What it does is make any Bible scripture reference come alive when you mouse over it. When you do mouse over it the NET Bible pop ups and you can see the verse. It even lets you click on the verse and then it takes you to our online study tool.

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See how the NET Bible Study Environment handles Social Media. Sharing is the main theme behind this one.

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A video to help explain how the NETBibleTagger works. You can add this to your personal, church or business website.

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