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David Austin

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Ministry Passion: To be successful in God's eyes by actively becoming more spiritually mature while implementing Christ's commands in my life. To assist my close Christian friends and fellow Christians around the world to mature in their faith through sharing and training by developing a disciplemaking site for the church called I am interested in moving to an "Open Source" ministry model; recruiting and teaming with others who are passionate about empowering people to be eternally successful in makaing disciples of Christ and to see the body of Christ grow spiritually within the context of the local church across all languages and cultures worldwide.(read more)

Past experiences:

  • Owner of small consulting business in Information Technology
  • Retired Government Executive

Church Assignments

  • Elder,Deacon,
  • Sunday School Teacher (adults/youth),
  • AWANA youth program Leader,
  • assignments over the last 10 years of volunteer experience as:
    • Permissions Director,
    • Founder of the forum
    • Project manager Discipleship tools (

Current Projects/Proposals:

  • Improve the web site to reach and train all 1.7 B users of the Internet.
  • Extend the ability for Christians to share multilingual textual and multi-media material in an "open source" ministry model,
  • Develop a Disciple making site and a set of tools with a Christian skills training framework for churches and people anywhere on the Internet to begin a process that will increase their spiritual maturity in God's eyes

Ministry Passion (continued): Mr. Austin retired early from federal government service as an executive manager, to devote himself full-time to "harnessing the Internet for God" and to develop Internet tools that will help motivated Christians become more effective and better able to evangelize/disciple others. He has stated he wants all to be able to stand before the "Judgment Seat of Christ" 2 Cor 5:10 and hear Christ say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

To support this goal he wants to develop a spiritual maturity self-assessment framework/test in discipleship project where anyone could measure their spiritual maturity against Biblical standards. The self-assessor would then have the opportunity to begin intervention strategies to be utilized during the life long journey of becoming more mature and effective in God's eyes. In addition to this biblical examination framework, the scriptural student would minister in a local church setting, selecting a local mentor and a set of practical "people related activities" together with a set of on-line Christian skill courses designed to help people meet God's expectations in their life here on earth.

While still in government service and before the Internet became integral to the world community, Mr. Austin became convinced that the Internet was a technology that could be used to reach the entire world with the Gospel in one generation. It was at this time he met the founder of who had a vision to produce a modern Bible translation (NET Bible) together with trustworthy Bible study material. By using the Internet these resources could be freely distributed worldwide so that billions of people could benefit from Biblical Truths as expounded by trusted and gifted teachers. Several years later Mr. Austin joined the team at to help them meet their goals of distributing the Net Bible and associated study materials worldwide. 

Mr. Austin is firmly in the camp of sharing ministry techniques, technology and content. He senses the movement of the Holy Spirit among those with the technical skills to harness the "Internet and mobile technology for God" and to develop "open source" ministry models that can assist ministry leaders carry out their responsibilities to "equip the saints to do the work of the ministry" Eph 4:12. This process is just beginning and he predicts that within the next 3 years it should make a much larger impact across the board. is interested in teaming with anyone who wants to build this needed collaborative and sharing ministry framework for the Glory of God and HIS Kingdom. If a sharing ministry framework is of interest to you and/or if you have a similar vision, would like to talk with you and see if a new partnership can develop. Contact Mr Austin here