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Content On: Regeneration, Justification


RomansBob Hallman07/14/2022
To Be Justified in Paul’s EpistlesJames M. Arlandson08/31/2015
4. Grace Triumphant, Part 2Melanie Newton12/10/2013
Lesson 55: God’s Answer for Guilt (Romans 8:33-34)Steven Cole07/12/2013
Lesson 25: The Blessings of Justification (Romans 5:1-2)Steven Cole07/08/2013
Lesson 24: What is a Christian? (Romans 4:23-25)Steven Cole07/08/2013
Lesson 20: God Justifies the Ungodly (Romans 4:1-5)Steven Cole07/08/2013
Lesson 19: Faith Versus Pride (Romans 3:27-31)Steven Cole07/04/2013
Lesson 18: God the Just and the Justifier (Romans 3:25-26)Steven Cole07/04/2013
RomansSteven Cole07/01/2013
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Question & Answers:

I'm a little confused about Hebrew 12:6. What does it mean when it says "the Lord will punish", yet also, "when you ask for forgiveness it is forgotten"?
What if we do not confess (1 John 1:9) all of our sins when we accept Christ?
How can people receive the gift of salvation yet have no interest in discipleship?
What does it mean to be “severed from Christ” in Gal. 5:4?