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Systematic theology, though having once fallen on hard times in both the evangelical church and in the academy is now making a comeback. It should, for it is both possible and necessary. Systematic theology, then, for our purposes, is the study of all facts about God and his work, from any and every source, but revealed primarily in the Bible, and brought together in a coherent and inter-related manner in order to instruct, encourage and guide the saints in godliness. Lord willing you will find to be a great resource in your lifelong pursuit of a right understanding of God, in deepening your relationship with Him, and in strengthening your faithfulness to share God's truth with others.

It's difficult to have a Theology Page and know what to put on it because everything on the site is really in some category of theology. But if you found this page, you are probably looking for resources on our site related to the study of systematic theology. Here is a list of those resources:

The Theology Program

Six-courses (sixty-classes) covering the major categories of systematic theology. These are videos which you can watch online - or buy the dvds and workbooks.

Theology Articles

Visit the topics page and choose the theological topic from the list.

Theology Forums

Visit the forums and ask your theological questions.

258 Theology Questions and Answers

Some of the more common theological questions are answered. These are short video clips taken from The Theology Program above.

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