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Using This Study Guide

The Basic Study

This study guide consists of 12 lessons covering Pauls letter to the Colossians. Most of the lessons are short. However, if you cannot do the entire lesson one week, please read the Bible passage(s) covered by the lesson.

Process of Bible Study: Each lesson includes core questions covering the passage narrative. These core questions will take you through the process of inductive Bible study—observation, interpretation, and application. The process is more easily understood in the context of answering these questions:

·         What does the passage say? (Whats actually there)

·         What does it mean? (The author’s intended meaning)

·         How does this apply to me today? (Making it personal) Questions identified as Healthy Living lead you to introspection and application of a specific truth to your life. You will be given opportunity to use creative means to express God’s faithfulness to you in your life’s journey.

Study Enhancements

To aid in proper interpretation and application of the study, five additional study aids are located where appropriate in the lesson:

·         Historical Insights

·         Scriptural Insights

·         From the Greek (definitions of Greek words)

·         Focus on the Meaning

·         Think About It (thoughtful reflection)

Healthy Living

Heresy is an infection in the Body of Christ. It is an opinion or belief that contradicts established religious TRUTH. And like an infection in the human body, heresy always affects ones spiritual health (as well as emotional, mental, and sometimes physical health). So, heresy must be addressed. It cannot be ignored. The medical treatment for all heresy is found in the New Testament!

The infection in Colosse afflicted the believers there regarding their view of the identity and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul wrote the letter of Colossians to contradict this infection. In Colossians, we find through Paul the greatest declaration of Christ’s deity found in Scripture. What Paul wrote then seems written expressly for our own day when so many are trying to rob Jesus Christ of his deity and sufficiency.

Genuine Christians can be deceived by false teaching, even teaching concerning Christ. Is there some concept that you have about Jesus Christ, salvation, or the Christian life that is not based on Scripture but on man-made tradition or philosophy? Will you give it up and accept the truth about Christ presented in God’s Word? Will you choose healthy living?

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