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Small Group Leader’s Guide

Introductory Questions

    1. If you were to be brutally honest and rate your Bible knowledge from 1 to 10, 1 being abysmal, 10 being divine, where would you say you are?

    2. If you were to be brutally honest and rate your Bible study habits from 1 to 10, 1 being abysmal, 10 being divine, where would you say you are?

    3. What impediments have you found in your life or the lives of others that keep us from the Bible? We have good intentions but lousy follow through—why is that?

    4. There was a list of suggestions in Sunday’s bulletin, how we might increase our commitment to Bible study this year. What suggestions did you check?

    5. Would you feel comfortable having the group ask you each week how you’re doing in fulfilling your commitment to greater Bible study this year?

    6. George Barna recently did a survey among born again Christians and found that the biggest impediment standing in the way of their spiritual growth was lack of time, not lack of desire. Would you agree or disagree with this? Why?

    7. What ways can you find the time necessary for spiritual growth? Are there things in your life the Holy Spirit has been convicting you are non-essential or even detrimental, things that you should give up? Would you allow the group to pray for you about this?

Suggestions for individual growth

      __I will read my Bible __ minutes a day, __ days a week this year

      __I will listen to the Bible on cassette tape __ minutes per week this year

      __I will pick-up a Daily Bread booklet and read it and my Bible __ days a week

      __I will record my insights from the Bible in a journal __ days per week this year

      __I will purchase and use a Bible study book/tool this year (Bible Dictionary, Bible Encyclopedia, Bible Commentary, Bible Concordance, etc.)

      __I will plan to attend the “Open Book” Bible Study seminar on March 3, 9:00 to noon, and practice some new methods of Bible study this year (register by calling 924 4525)

      __I will read a book this year on how to study the Bible

      __I will eliminate some non-essential activities from my schedule and spend __ hours per week in Bible study this year.

      __I will memorize __ verses of Scripture each week this year

      __I will study and practice the art of Scripture meditation ___ minutes a week this year

      __I will attend a Bible study group (Precept, Bible Study Fellowship, Women's/Men's Bible study) and participate this year

      __I will buy a different translation of the Bible and use it this year

      __I will buy a Bible Study program for my computer and use it this year

      __I will register for a Bible study course at Moody Northwest

      __I will begin attending a Adult Elective class on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays

      __I will write out my Bible Study objective on a 3x5 card, give it to a friend, and have him/her ask me regularly how I’m doing (for example, “My goal: 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week”)

      __I will join a Small Group and ask them to help me achieve my Bible study goals this year

Suggestions for family growth

      __We will do the Family Time Bible study this week

      __We will begin a family Bible Library

      __We will memorize a passage together each week this year

      __We will read through a book of the Bible this year

      __We will ask each other once-a-week, “What have you learned from the Bible this week?

      __We will attend a family Bible camp or conference this year

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