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Session 4 - Incommunicable Attributes of God, Part 1

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Session Overview

What makes God, God? What is the definition of God? What characteristics does God have that make Him worthy of the title God? Having now defined God philosophically as “that which above the arch,” this lesson will further examine what it means to be above the arch. The students will learn that God has attributes that necessarily are a part of “godness.” These attributes are often referred to as incommunicable attributes, since God cannot communicate them to man. Students should understand that God is God because of these incommunicable or necessary attributes, and that man cannot possess these attributes precisely because he is not God. Upon completion of this session, the student should be able to define what a philosophical definition of God entails. The student should also be convinced that any definition of God that lacks any of the characteristics/attributes that make God God fall short of qualifications demanded by an understanding of “the greatest conceivable being.”

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Related Topics: Theology Proper (God), Apologetics

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