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Session 1 - Introduction and Worldviews

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Session Overview

What is God? How should he be defined? What is the difference between the Christian view of God and that of other religions? Often these pivotal questions are left unanswered, leaving no foundation for the rest of ones theology of God. During the course of this session, the student should be convinced of the need for believers to clearly define what the Christian conception of God is according to the theistic worldview. Much time will be spent comparing the theistic understanding of creation ex nihilo (“out of nothing”) to that of other worldviews. The student will come to an understanding that the Christian conception of God as the Uncaused Cause, Necessary Being, “That which nothing greater can be conceived” is rooted in philosophical theology that is necessitated by the reality of existence. Most basically, during this session the student will learn that all other worldview conceptions of God are not really “God” at all.

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