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Lesson 8: The Gospel to the Kings (2 Chronicles 36:11-23)

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What are you to do when tragedy strikes? What is there to hope in when everything seems to be in shambles? The people of God who were still faithful to Yahweh had to be asking those questions when, after hundreds of years under mostly wicked kings, the Lord finally brought judgment against His chosen nation and her beautiful city, Jerusalem. Was there any hope for a future? If there was, it was going to have to come from above, through very clear and powerful divine intervention. It would have to come from the only one worthy of worship and honor in a world turned sour, a world terribly in need of the gospel. Pastor Daniel speaks to our ultimate need and purpose in stating, “Worship is the goal of the gospel” and asks the question, “What will God need to do to restore your heart to worship?”

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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