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Lesson 7: The Love Test (1 John 2:7-11)

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Test taking doesn’t end when one graduates from high school, college, or even graduate school. In fact, for Christians, self-administered tests in light of the standard of God’s Word should be a daily part of life. The test of love is one such test, and “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” the Apostle John, was perfectly suited to provide his readers with material by which their charity could be examined. Pastor Daniel summarizes this “test” that John provides by stating, “If you are in Christ, you will love like Christ.” This love he then describes in three ways, laid down as principles to guide one’s love. 1) Loving you means I commit to an ongoing, sacrificial relationship with you. 2) Loving you means I speak sound doctrine to you. 3) Loving you means I say hard things to you when you are disobedient to God.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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