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Lesson 7: David’s House Established Forever

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Both King David’s territory and the wealth of Israel had expanded. David desires to build a permanent house for the Ark of the Covenant. God tells him that not he, but his son, will build the house. God promised to establish David’s house forever, which is accomplished through Jesus Christ (sometimes called the Son of David in Scripture). The Star of David still appears on Israel’s national flag. David’s covenantal grace toward Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, reflects God’s grace toward us.

Steadfast faith is not for cowards! It requires courage and perseverance. Bold, aggressive faith takes God at his word.

Study Questions

2 Samuel 7, 9

1. Read 2 Samuel 7. What did David want to do that demonstrated his heart for God? What were the reasons God didn’t let him? (1 Chronicles 22:8; 28:3)

2. Read 2 Samuel 7:8-11a. Why does God remind David of what He did for him in the past? Why does He want us to remember His past works for us? What of His attributes does He want us to trust? How does encourage your faith?

3. Read 2 Samuel 7:11b-29. What does God promise David for the future? Who would build the temple? (1 Kings 5:5) Since Israel has had no king for over 2500 years, what does “forever” (v. 16) refer to? Why is it significant that Jesus is called the “Son of David” fourteen times in the Gospels?

4. What does David’s response indicate about his relationship with the Lord? What did David understand God had made with him? (2 Samuel 23:5) What was conditional? What was unconditional?

5. What kind of king was he? (2 Samuel 8:15) How was he used as a standard by which God measured the kings of Judah who succeeded him? (1 Kings 11:6; 14:8; 15:3, 11 and 2 Kings 14:3; 18:3)

6. What do you think it means today to be a woman “after God’s heart”? What did Jesus say was the requirement for friendship with Him? (John 15:5) Do you need to obey Him in some area?

7. Read 2 Samuel 9 and 1 Samuel 20:14-17, 42. What covenant had David made with Jonathan? How did David try to keep his promise? Why did he do it?

8. What did Mephibosheth fear David would do to him? What was Mephibosheth’s perspective on his life? How did David show “God’s kindness” to him? How did he go above and beyond what was required in the covenant?

9. Do you only do what is required or do you ever go beyond in generosity and love?

10. How does this story illustrate God’s provision of salvation for us? Find and list the parallels.

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