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Lesson 4: Mary’s Christmas Carol (Luke 1:39-56)

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A focus like that of the virgin Mary makes for a merry Christmas. The song she sung as she visited her cousin, Elizabeth, reveals the heart that we should aim for as we would consider what makes for true happiness during the holiday season, or any season for that matter. Times of great celebration can, when we have an idea in our heads about how everything should go to make for that perfect day, also be a time where we set ourselves up for disappointment—that is what happens to the one who’s happiness is rooted ultimately in self-worship instead of the glory of God. From the song of Mary, we are challenged to learn several lessons that help us put our longings and celebrations in right perspective. We are called, as humble people, to believe God’s message. Additionally, we should recognize God’s might in comparison to our smallness. We ought furthermore to understand God’s mercy, recognizing that the prideful set themselves on a collision course with the Almighty. Lastly, we would do well to trust God’s memory—He will recall the promises He has made in past generations.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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