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Lesson 136: The Cross and the Daughters of Jerusalem (Luke 23:26-31)

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We wouldn’t normally think that someone walking to his death would show a great desire to have others at the forefront of his mind, but Jesus never exactly conformed to what we would call “normal.” As Christ proceeded to Calvary, the women He addressed were lovingly told that they needed a new perspective. They had to understand that their weeping should to be reserved for something else. There are two specific things that Pastor Daniel encourages us to consider as we think about the cross in light of this text. “First, it is easy to misunderstand the message of the cross.” Many have great misconceptions about why the event even took place at all. “Second, the cross is where God punished our sins and reconciled us to Himself.” Both the daughters of Jerusalem and each of us today must begin to grasp the weight of this event in history and personally respond to it in an appropriate manner.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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