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Lesson 134: Rejecting the King of Kings, Part II (Luke 22:63-23:25)

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(Part II) In part 2 of this section leading to the crucifixion of Jesus, we are given the details concerning the arrogant rejection of Christ by the government officials, Pilate and Herod. While both seem a bit confused over the matter at hand, neither of them is willing to look carefully at the situation and operate with wisdom or integrity. Honing in especially on verses 8-12 of Luke 23, Pastor Daniel puts emphasis on the point that, “Mockery blinds us to our need to repent and worship Christ as we exalt ourselves and demean others.” But how is it that we arrive at that point of truly falling into such a category? He outlines a three step progression toward this sad state for an individual. 1) It begins with arrogant expectations. 2) One becomes jaded when expectations are not met. 3) One becomes a mocker.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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