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Lesson 108: What the Blind Man Saw (Luke 18:31-43)

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It’s helpful that we have multiple definitions for “sight/seeing” when we come to passages like this one. The irony is rich as we observe the disciples (all of whom we assume had acceptable vision in the physical sense) experience an inability to “see” a spiritual reality as they walked along with Jesus. Just after this though, Luke records the story of a blind beggar who saw more about the reality of Jesus than scores of people in the crowds around the Messiah ever would. Pastor Daniel explains, “Scripture gives us sight so we can see the salvation that comes through the Savior.” The “seeing” disciples simply couldn’t imagine a dishonored King, while the blind man saw the Son of David and would not stop crying out to Him until Jesus drew near to where he was seated. He was looking through the lens of Scripture in order to understand who Jesus was and saw clearly even before his eyes were healed.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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