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Lesson 10: Called to Commitment

Questions for Group Discussion

Reflection: What aspect or lesson from last week’s study or lecture most encouraged or challenged you? Why?

“Calling is the truth that God calls us to Himself so decisively that everything we are, everything that we do, and everything we have is invested with a special devotion, dynamism and direction lived out as a response to His summons and service.”4 Begin your study in prayer seeking to respond in faith to His present call.


Several words are utilized to express commitment. First, commitment communicates the entrusting of something valuable to another person [Gk tithemi— to commit, commend, assign; paradidomi— to give over, commit]. Second, commitment additionally includes the responsibility to practice specific activities [Gk poieo— to do, cause, commit; prasso— to do, practice, commit]. God has entrusted or committed a valuable deposit unto each believer that is to be guarded and protected, that is to be faithfully proclaimed, followed, or exercised, and that in turn is to be committed to others. Each believer is responsible to respond to God’s call by committing their heart, mind, body, and life to serve Him, to share the Gospel, and to be His ambassadors in this world.

Commit yourself to following His call!

1. Read John 10:1–10. List several things from this passage that you learn about Jesus and about those who follow Him. What promise do you find in verse 10?

2. Read Matthew 4:19; 9:9; Mark 2:14; and John 1:43. What consistent invitation did Jesus make to these persons? What interested or challenged you from these encounters?

3. What did the disciples have to “leave” in order to follow Jesus? What kind of “risks” were involved?

4. Have you ever responded to Jesus’ invitation on a personal level?

A. When and what has been the result in your life?

B. Can you think of a time when you did not respond?

5. Read John 15:15–17. List several things that you learn about those who follow Jesus from this passage? How does that deepen your love for Him?

6. Read Matthew 16:24; Luke 9:23; John 10:27. What do you think Jesus means by these admonitions?

7. Read Romans 12:1-2 and answer the following questions:

A. On what basis does Paul exhort the believers to respond to God? How have you experienced this in your own life? In what ways does this encourage you in your commitment to Christ?

B. Why do you think Paul asks the believers to “present their bodies” as living sacrifices? What do you understand this to mean? Why would this be an act of worship?

C. What do you think “conforming to the world” means? (See also James 4:4–5) Describe this in twenty-first century terms.

D. How do you think God transforms our minds? (See 2 Peter 1:3–4; Eph. 5:26; Rom. 12:1–2) What is most helpful or challenging to you in any of these verses?

E. Can you think of a time in your life when you surrendered your entire life and future into God’s hands as Paul is exhorting here in Rom. 12:1–2? If so, what was the result? If not, are you willing to do so today?

8. How might you connect this call to commitment with Eph. 4:20–31?

A. List the outward evidences of a life surrendered to the call of God based on this passage.





      B. What additional insights do you gain from any of the cross-references on faith’s call to commitment in the Optional Studies for Personal Enrichment?

      9. How did the various persons from Hebrews 11 demonstrate their commitment to God’s call on their life by their actions? Note several and be specific.

      10. Take a few quiet moments and reflect on this lesson. Is there a decision or commitment that God may be inviting you to make today in your personal journey? Are you willing to do so?

      11. What one insight or lesson do you hope to remember from your study of the response of faith in following the call of God to commitment? Write it below to share in class, and then write it on the journal page entitled “Lessons Along the Way” at the back of your study guide.

      Choose one verse from this week’s lesson to memorize. Write it here and meditate on it.

      Optional Studies for Personal Enrichment

      Called to Commitment

      God has personally called each believer to follow His call in a lifetime of faithful service. Utilize your word-study tools to examine the meaning of the following words. List the insights you learn from the related scriptural cross-references. How do these insights enhance your understanding of the response of faith in following the call of God?

      Response of Faith: Called to Commitment

    Commit [Lk. 23:46]

      Lk. 23:46

      1 Tim. 1:11

      1 Tim. 1:18

      1 Tim. 6:20–21

      2 Tim. 1:12, 14

      2 Tim. 2:2

      Ps. 37:5

      Prov. 16:3

      Ex. 20:14

      John 8:34

      1 Peter 4:19

      2 Cor. 5:18–20

      Gal. 2:7

      What has the Lord committed or entrusted to you? What have you committed to Him?

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