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Lesson 1: The First Gospel (Genesis 3:7-21)

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The situation had to seem pretty hopeless for Adam and Eve as God pronounced the consequences for their sin. They had only known the comforts of the garden—a place where all their needs were met, where their relationships with one another and their Creator were only fulfilling, and where their work was a joy instead of a burden. All of these perfections were crumbling away like a house of cards in the wind. And yet, a ray of light pressed through the darkness when God spoke of one who would come and defeat the deceiver, the serpent who had scored a temporary victory. Pastor Daniel shows how we see the hope of the gospel revealed in this account, illustrating how 1) I cannot cover my sins by I will try to anyway, 2) God promises me a deliverer who can save me from sin’s curse, and 3) God can cover my sins and will do so abundantly.

Summary by Seth Kempf, Bethany Community Church Staff

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