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Introduction to "The God Who Speaks To Man"

Instruction To Students

Welcome to your study of this course! This course is designed to help you think through for yourself great truths revealed by God for all mankind. You will examine their scope and significance and how they relate to you as a rational, thinking person.

Some of the concepts will no doubt be new to you. For this reason you will find them challenging. At the same time, because they are new to you they will, perhaps, cause you to think deeply about the issues involved.

You should not try to go through this book too quickly. This is a course to be studied. Tests are provided to help you evaluate your progress. Your instructor will grade these exams for you and will help you. He will endeavor to answer any questions which arise out of your studies.

Lessons You Will Study

1. The Authority of the Bible

2. What Is God Like?

3. What Is A Prophet?

4. The Continuity of Doctrine

5. Prophecies Concerning Christ

6. Why the Messiah Came

7. The Most Important Question of All

8. The Final Messenger

9. The Sin Question

10. Salvation From Sin

11. Religion or Salvation

12. Living the Life

How To Study

You will notice that two typefaces are used in the body of the text. The portions in italics are quotations from the Bible. You should know how to find these passages (and the many others referred to in the text) in your Bible. Here is how to locate Bible passages from Scripture references. In the text, verses from the Bible are given with the name of book, chapter and verse. To find a verse, first look up the name of the book in the list at the beginning of the Bible. This will tell you at what page the book is found. Most books are divided into chapters, each about a page in length. The chapter is divided into verses, each about one sentence. For example, suppose you want to find 1 Peter 1:18. There are two books written by Peter so you must find the page number for the first book of Peter. The teaching you want is in chapter one and verse 18.

Begin by asking God to open your heart to receive the truths He would teach you form His Word. Read the lesson material through at least twice, once to get a general idea of the contents and then again slowly, looking up all the Scripture references.


There is an exam for each lesson. Each exam is clearly marked to show you which questions deal with which lesson. These exams can be found in the separate Exam Booklet. The entire exam booklet is to be sent back for grading when you have completed the course. After they are graded, the exams will be returned to you.

What Do You Say Questions

Questions headed in this way are designed so that you may freely state your own opinions in answer to the question. Your candid answers will help your instructor get to know you better as an individual. They will also help us evaluate the general effectiveness of this course.

How Your Papers are Graded

Your instructor will mark any incorrectly answered questions. You will be referred back to the place in the Bible or the textbook where the correct answer is to be found. Upon completion of this study, you will receive a certificate showing your final grade.

Group Enrollments

If you are enrolled in a class, submit your exam booklet to the leader or secretary of the class who will send them for the entire group to the Correspondence School.

General Instructions

Begin studying immediately, or, if you are in a group, as soon as the group begins. Try to keep a regular schedule. Many students endeavor to complete at least one lesson each week and take a maximum of one year to complete the course. We highly recommend the adoption of a regular study schedule.

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