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God—Our Shepherd (John 10)


Sorrow and grief are not easy things to face We would avoid them if we could. We know that even Jesus wept at times.

Sorrow and grief do force us to examine life from a different perspective. We need to be attentive to what God might want to teach us through difficult times--things that He may not be able to teach us at other times. We need to be sensitive to what God would have us learn through this experience.

(Name) daughter, _____, told me that her grandmother (deceased's mother) encouraged her, maybe MADE her, memorize the 23rd Psalm as a child. I have a sneaking suspicion that (Name) had the same expectation placed upon him as a child.

I would like to look at how God reveals Himself to us as a shepherd, to see if we can gain some understanding of what God may want us to learn about Him.

God Reveals
Himself to Us as a Shepherd

John 10:11--"I am the good shepherd.... The good shepherd giveth His life for the sheep"

John 10:14--"and know my sheep, and am known of mine."

    1. We can have an intimate relationship with our Shepherd. (10:14)

    2. It is our Shepherd who makes life abundant (10:10)

    3. The Shepherd gave his life for us (15, 17-18)

Heb. 13:20--"Jesus, the GREAT shepherd of the sheep . . . " Our shepherd rose from the dead, demonstrating to us that there is a resurrection from the dead, life after death.

1 Peter 5:4--"And when the CHIEF shepherd shall appear . . ." The shepherd is going to reappear, and we will stand accountable to Him.

  • This gives purpose to life.
  • This gives a standard to life.

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