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33. Cleansing of the Ten Lepers


A. Passage Selected: Luke 17:11-19

B. Progression Stated: Biographical

C. Presentation Summarized:

1. Context 17:11

Jesus has been speaking about humble service. One should not have the attitude that he deserves special treatment or reward for service and obedience. Very important concept to remember as we study this miracle.

2. Content 17:12-19
a. Jesus and the group of lepers (12-14)

(1) The condition of the lepers

Lepers required to live outside the community. Lev 13:46

(2) The cry of the lepers

They recognize his authority and ask for mercy. There is not a demand for healing. However He might help them is up to him.

(3) The cure of the lepers

Lev 14:3-4 says to gain acceptance back into society, they had to be declared clean by the priests. That is why leprosy is such a picture of sin. Jesus is the priest that declares us clean (righteous).

He doesn’t heal them until they are on the way, which means that they had to exercise a little more faith than the last leper who was healed first and then told to go to the priest.

b. Jesus and the individual (15-19)

(1) One thankful Samaritan

(2) Nine unthankful Jews

We assume they are Jews because he refers to the one as a foreigner, which implies they are not foreigners.

The Samaritan’s faith was the reason for his cure. What was the reason for their cure? Do they have faith? He has healed some without faith. What was the demonstration of faith? Thanksgiving. The Samaritan showed thanks to a Jewish Messiah for his healing. The Jews were not thankful. Was it because of their lack of faith? We don’t know. They did approach Jesus correctly as Master and they did obey by heading out to the priest.


  • This is another example of Gentile gratefulness for the blessing of God, while Jews are not.
  • Both Jew and Gentile are offered cleansing, but it is the outcast that exhibit better response.


  • I need to be thankful for the work of God in my life.
  • Before I can do that, I must understand that I don’t deserve anything and God doesn’t owe me.
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