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Appendix 6 Study Questions and Projects for The Trinity


1. According to the Bible and His own testimony, is Jesus The Eternal God? Name at least two Bible verses that support the Godhood of Jesus.

2. Name at least one verse that shows the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit manifesting at the same time.

3. Is the Holy Spirit a Person? Name at least two Bible verses that support that answer.


1. Call five pastors of churches different from your own, and ask them the following questions.

a. Do you believe in the doctrine of the Trinity?
b. Is Christ Jesus The Eternal God?
c. Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
d. If you believe in the Trinity, when is the last time you preached a sermon or taught a series on that topic?

2. Call five Christians you know and ask them the first three questions. Then ask them when was the last time their pastor or associate pastor preached or taught on the Trinity.

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