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Appendix 5: Works Cited And Resources For Leaders

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Resources For Leaders

I know how it feels to be a leader with little experience and no training. I learned by trial and error— mostly error. That is why I have spent so much time preparing training for leaders.

BOW wants to help you with your role as a small group leader if you feel inadequate or just want more training. I never quit learning as a leader.

Beyond Ordinary Women Ministries Resources (Beyondordinarywomen.Org)

Free Training VIdeos, Podcasts & Articles

At BOW we plan to continually add to our articles and video training library. So rather than provide a specific list, I encourage you to look over our resources for leading small groups at and watch some of our free video training for your area of need. You can also browse our blog at by topic to find posts of interest.

If you will have a live teacher who wants help with preparing and teaching, go to our videos for teachers at

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