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6. Pre-Marriage Counseling And Wedding Process

    1. office directs all wedding and pre-marriage counseling calls to pre-marriage coordinator. pre-marriage coordinator contacts couple, and lets them know pre-marriage counselors will be in touch.

    2. wedding secretary sends set 1 (couples checklist, pre-marriage/wedding policies & wedding request form) and “pencils-in” wedding date as “tentative” on master calendar.

    3. pre-marriage coordinator assigns pre-marriage counselors and provides copies of preparing for your marriage. counselors arranges first meeting. four meetings to follow.

    4. when request form returned, wedding secretary mails copies to: pre-marriage counseling coordinator, counselors, wedding liaison, and files original. sends set 2 to couple: (pre-marriage counseling & wedding process, planning your ceremony, wedding schedule, wedding vows, wedding rehearsal, information for caterer, information for florist, wedding liaison, request for building use, and facilities policies & guidelines).

    5. if officiant is unknown, pre-marriage coordinator contacts officiant to confirm he holds to the sound teaching of scripture.

    6. after third pre-marriage counseling meeting, pre-marriage counselors notify coordinator of approval/disapproval of wedding. coordinator notifies wedding secretary & liaison.

    7. wedding liaison will arrange a meeting with the bride prior to the wedding.

    8. the final meeting with the pre-marriage counselors and the couple should be scheduled as close to the actual wedding date as feasibly possible.

    9. wedding

    10. pre-marriage counselor follow-up

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