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5. The Mind and the life

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“Coming to grips with the post-Christian mind will not exercise the brain in the  way it was exercised in defining the Christian mind. For there is no fixed body of opinion, no homogeneous set of principles, no philosophical rationale informing that amorphous accumulation of half-truths on which the popular mind is fed by the media today……. It would be mistake to look for a system of coherence …….. It would be like looking for signposts in the jungle….. The distinction between the Christian mind and the post –Christian mind is the difference between civilization an the jungle.”[1]

There is no doubt that the need for transformed minds has never been greater. There was a time when most of society held a fixed body of opinion to be true. There was a solid moral base for right and wrong. You could sit down with a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Mormon, even an agnostic and find basic moral agreement. The philosophical jungle Blamires speaks of is where we now reside. There has been a multiplication in  ports of origin form which people start the journey to truth, but the desired destination has not changed, that being the mind of Christ. What did Jesus believe, think, feel and imagine? These are the vital areas of inquiry considered.

[1]Harry Blamires, The Post Christian Mind [Ann Arbor, MI Servant Publications 1999] page 11

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