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4. Seeking the Face of the Savior

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Discussion Questions

1. From what you know of the apostles:


    A. Which of their strengths would you like to acquire?


    B. Are there flaws with which you identify?



2. A. Have you ever spent a time of prolonged prayer?


    B. What was the biggest challenge in doing that?


    C. What was one benefit you received?



3. A. How did you decide to follow Jesus?


    B. Was there someone like Andrew that especially encouraged you in that decision?


    C. To whom have you been an Andrew?



4. Read John 17:13-21, which is part of Jesus’ prayer for His disciples at the last



   A. What are some of the requests Jesus makes on behalf of the disciples?


   B. What does verse 20 mean to you?



5. What is one thing you appreciated about Jesus in this lesson?


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