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2. Preface to The Transformed Life

Part Two:
The Transformed Life


Spiritual growth is a life-long, ongoing process. In this process of maturing, every believer needs a thorough grasp of what can be called ‘Truths That Transform.’ These are growth truths of Scripture designed by God to transform us into the image of Christ. These are the truths that enable us to live more and more dependently on the Lord in accordance with the principles of Scripture. This means faith in the power of God rather than faith in our own schemes for how to live the Christian life.

There is a propensity in all of us to try to live the Christian life in our own strength, ever seeking to measure up to what we or someone else thinks we ought to be. The principles found in this series of lessons take believers through the faith/growth truths of Scripture that, when understood and appropriated by faith, enable them to experience change from the inside out through the Spirit of God.

These lessons build on the basics covered in Part One: The Assured Life, and at the same time prepare the way for the studies in Part Three: The Multiplied Life.

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