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2. The Call to the life

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My life is an answer: The answer of the one loved to the one who has loved me. I can’t answer someone else’s call- I dare not answer another’s call-but when he does call, “ If anyone would come after me…” the words of George MacDonald ring true,

“ Instead of asking yourself whether you believe or not, ask yourself whether you have this day done one thing because he said, Do it, or once abstained because he said, Do not do it. It is simply absurd to say you believe, or even want to believe in him, if you do not do anything he tells you.”

My life is the answer to his call. When I answer with my life, I make myself his disciple at once. This is why Bonhoeffer said, “ only those who are obedient believe and only those who believe are obedient. That faith is only real in obedience.”  So when God calls a person, he invites t hem to come and die. And ironically they will never be more alive.

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