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13. Sharing & Celebration of Christ

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This study began with the thought that in order to be like Jesus, we have to look at Him. Each week we have gazed purposefully at one main aspect of Christ, yet “through a mirror indirectly.” We ended the study with a final view of our relationship with God in heaven—a day where there is no more walking by faith, but all is sight!

These final questions are designed to help you milk all you can out of this study as we conclude. Hopefully they will stir you to further thought and application beyond our weeks together. And hopefully they will be a catalyst to a wonderful time of worship and fellowship as we share how He has intersected these truths with the needs of our hearts and lives! I pray we will continue to grow as people who are habitually and purposefully gazing at Jesus, and bringing others to see Him too!

What are the 12 “beauties of Christ” that we covered? (Can you remember without looking them up?)

Spend some time reading back through each of your studies, and write out what one application or most significant thought you took away from each lesson.

  • The sovereign reign of Christ
  • The incarnation of Christ
  • The temptation of Christ
  • The suffering of Christ
  • The perseverance of Christ
  • The perfect priesthood of Christ
  • The resurrection of Christ
  • The work of Christ “now” in His Body
  • The work of Christ “now” in the unbeliever
  • The wrath of Christ
  • The worship of Christ
  • The fellowship of Christ

How has the weekly practice of purposefully ‘looking at Jesus’ impacted you this season?

Of all the attributes of Christ that we have explored, which one or few has most impacted you during this study?

Where do you want to go from here? What is one key application you are taking away from this study?

What have been the greatest lessons you have learned from those in your community as you have studied together? Do you see the Body of Christ differently after studying His Word together? What do you want to purpose to say to each other as you conclude?

What do you want to say to Christ, our treasure, as you conclude this study?

Group prayer requests: What final request would you share for your growth in Christ as you conclude this study?



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