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12. General Exhortations (Philippians 4:1-9)

The Subject/Complement and Exegetical Outline

Subject/Complement: The final exhortations Paul gives the church include helping two women to agree, rejoicing, praying, thinking like a Christian, and imitating Paul.

    A. Transition (4:1)

    B. Exhortations (4:2-9)

      1. To Help Two Women (4:2-3)

      2. To Rejoice (4:4-5)

      3. To Pray (4:6-7)

      4. To Think Rightly (4:8)

      5. To Imitate Paul (4:9)

Homiletical Subject/Complement and the Teaching/Preaching Outline

Underlying Question (vv. 2-8): These items are loosely connected logically, but are practical injunctions to help the Philippian church stand firm and grow to maturity.

Underlying Homiletical Question: How can we stand firm and grow to maturity?

    Homiletical Subject/Complement (Big Idea): Stand firm by striving for unity, rejoicing always, praying always, thinking rightly, and imitating Paul.

    A. Transition (4:1)

    B. Exhortations (4:2-9)

      1. Strive for Unity (4:2-3)

      2. Rejoice (4:4-5)

      3. Pray (4:6-7)

      4. Think Rightly (4:8)

      5. Imitate Paul (4:9)

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