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11. A Good Minister of Christ

1 Timothy 4:11-5:2

Day One Study

1. Read 1 Timothy 4:6-5:2 (4:6-10 is review from last lesson). 1 Timothy 4:11 says “command/prescribe and teach these things.” To which things does Paul refer?

2. Do you think this instruction is directed mostly just to pastors and teachers who read this passage, or does it apply to each of us? Why or why not?

3. Adorning Yourself: Do you share with others what you’ve learned—for instance, in this last week did you tell anyone else about something you had learned about God? Why or why not?

4. Read verse 12 again. This is a question on which we could spend many hours. It is instruction not just for the young but also for all ages. From this verse list 5 areas in which we can show ourselves examples as Christians.

Read the following verses to get a taste of what God’s Word has to say about the areas listed in the previous question. Summarize what you learn.

5. Speech:

·         Ephesians 4:25—

·         Colossians 3:8—

·         Colossians 4:6—

·         James 1:19—

·         Summary:

6. Conduct:

·         Philippians 1:27—

·         Colossians 4:5—

·         Hebrews 13:18—

·         Summary:

7. Love:

·         1 Corinthians 13:4-8—

·         1 Peter 4:8—

·         1 John 2:15—

·         Summary:

8. Faith:

·         Hebrews 11:1—

·         Romans 4:20-21—

·         James 1:3—

·         Summary:

9. Purity: The word for “purity” here comes from the Greek word hagneia meaning “moral cleanness”. In the Bible, it is only used here and in 1 Timothy 5:2. Using a dictionary, write a definition for moral cleanness. (Hint: Look up “moral” and “cleanness” separately, then put them together in your own definition.)

Day Two Study

10. Adorning Yourself:

·         Were you raised by parents who were good examples of people who believed in God? (Think in terms of the same 5 areas.) Explain.

·         How do you think this affects your life today?

11. Adorning Yourself: What are some of the best ways you’ve found to be a good example in these 5 areas? These can be examples from your own life or your observation of them in someone else’s life. (Write out 1 or 2 ways for each area.)

a.              Speech—

b.              Conduct—

c.              Love—

d.              Faith—

e.              Moral Purity—

12. Read 1 Timothy 4:13-16. These verses are full of instruction for the active Christian. Make note of the action in each verse and to whom the action is directed toward.


To whom action is directed

·         Verse 13—

·         Verse 14—                           

·         Verse 15—                           

·         Verse 16—                            

13. In 1 Timothy 4:15, Paul gives a reason for giving great energy to the spiritual disciplines listed above. What is his reason?

14. How could you define progress in your own Christian walk?

Think About It: Paul’s desire for Timothy was for Timothy “…to demonstrate his maturity by living such a godly life that he would become a pattern for other Christians in every area of his life.” (The Bible knowledge Commentary New Testament by Walvoord and Zuck)

15. Adorning Yourself:

·         Looking back on your list from question 11, in which area(s) do you feel you are the strongest (best) example? The weakest example?

·         Choose one area you’d like to change or improve. Share this with your group so that they can pray alongside you. Pray for God’s spirit of discipline and power to show through in your life in such a way that if others patterned their lives after you (and it is most likely that at those closest to us—our family members, children, closest friends, etc—will be influenced by us) that their lives, too, will look more like Jesus is in them.

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