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Marriage God’s Way: Recovering from Failure (Genesis 13:1-15:21)

While all mankind makes mistakes and experiences personal failure, it is God's desire that invaluable lessons are learned. The last series of messages entitled "Recovering from Failure" is intended to show how it is possible to return to God and reaffirm commitment to Him, to understand more fully God's abundant faithfulness to the repentant believer and to focus on practical steps in pursuing righteousness.

Following the model, this outline and accompanying audio message from Dr. Bill Lawrence of Leader Formation International are designed to assist users of to grow and teach quality principles of leadership in an appropriate context for their respective audience. These outlines can help you in grasping the themes of each study as well as guide you in your own teaching preparation. You can gain important insights and learn new Bible study and teaching method styles used by others, like Dr. Lawrence.

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