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Dissertation: The Superiority of Jesus Christ, God's Son, 1:1-10:18

A. Statement of the Theme, 1:1-4

B. Superior to Angels: The Offer of a Firmer Promise, 1:5-2:8

C. Superior to Moses: The Offer of a Better Rest, 3:1-4:13

D. Superior to Aaron: The Offer of a Finished Salvation, 4:14-10:18

Application: The Encouragement of Suffering Saints, 10:19-13:25

E. The Need to Endure, 10:19-39

F. The Means of Endurance—Faith, 11:1-40

G. The Exhortation to Endure, 12:1-29

H. The Manifestation of Godliness While Enduring, 13:1-17

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