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Forming Davids for the 21st Century: From Discipleship to Leadership

It is time to discover an old truth in a new way.

The story of how Michelangelo formed David out of flawed marble is a beautiful picture of how God forms leaders out of flawed lives. What is your story? Are you aware of how God is forming you? More importantly, are you engaged with Him as He is forming you even now? Forming Davids for the 21st Century is intended to involve you even more fully in the leader formation process.

The opening paragraph in each chapter of this study guide will introduce the main ideas covered in the corresponding video segment. Then as you watch the video, jot down notes in the spaces provided. After each episode, use your notes and the questions provided to reflect further on how the thoughts from the video apply to your life. Though this series will certainly be beneficial if you complete it by yourself, we highly recommend going through it in a small group setting. There is incomparable worth in being transparent with others in the leader formation pilgrimage.

May God bless you as you become more aware and engaged in the story of God’s formation of you as His leader for the 21st Century.

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