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Why is premarital sex wrong if we truly love each other?

In our sexually-oriented and very secular society, this is an important question and one that needs solid biblical direction. I won’t attempt to answer this myself, because this has been addressed in a number of books. One such book is one by Josh McDowell. This book was written for teenagers but I think it can help because it would deal with principles that are applicable to any age. It’s called, “Why Wait?: What You Need to Know About the Teen Sexuality Crisis,” by Josh McDowell and Dick Day. You can order it from Also, “Why Wait: A Christian View of Premarital Sex,” by Scazoni.

In addition to these, I would highly recommend that you check out an excellent web site that is specifically devoted to contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. It’s Use their search engine and do a search for “premarital sex” and you will get a lot of hits. Here you will find one article specifically devoted to this issue. It called, “Why Wait Till Marriage?” by Jimmy Williams and revised by Jerry Solomon.

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