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Why isn’t there any record of Jesus’ life between the ages of 13-30?

You would be correct in what you have said about Jesus, so far as the Bible is concerned. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give us the account of His birth, and Luke tells the story of our Lord’s visit to Jerusalem with His parents when He was 12 (Luke 2:41-52). Luke simply tells us that when Jesus returned home from this journey He continued to live with His parents and to be in submission to them, and that He continued to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with men (2:51-52). The next we read of our Lord is His introduction by John the Baptist.

It would seem from John 2:11 that His first miracle was the turning of water into wine, described in John 2:1-10.

There are other, non-biblical, accounts which speak of other details, but these appear to be fanciful, and are not the inspired Word of God.

I would encourage you to continue to study the life and ministry of our Lord. You might begin with this study.

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