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What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?

Good, conservative Bible students and scholars come to very different conclusions on this issue. Speaking from the standpoint of those who want to follow the Bible, two of the more prominent positions are: (1) There is no basis for divorce under any circumstances and to remarry is to live in adultery, and (2) God allows divorce and remarriage for three conditions: (a) adultery, (b) desertion of a believing spouse by an unbelieving spouse, and (c) if a person becomes saved after they were divorced because when they accept Christ they are beginning life anew. Obviously, this is just a very brief summary and there are many other issues involved in the matter of divorce and remarriage.

Anyone facing divorce personally or as a church leader certainly needs to do some very intense study and research on their own by reading a number of books that deal with the divorce issue, but deal with it from a study of the Bible. This way, while receiving a variety of different perspectives, it will provide a chance to evaluate them and prayerfully consider the issues before the Lord.

There are many books written on this subject and a good bookstore can help, but here are a couple of titles I’d recommend:

(1) Divorce by John Murray, The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1961. This book could be out of print, but might be found in a church or Bible school library (college or seminary). Amazon also can find out of print books at

(2) The Right To Remarry by Dwight Hervey Small, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1975.

You might check out your local Bible book store or check CBD at or Amazon Books at . There are many more recent books on this issue that go into great detail, but I think reading through at least two or three books, not just one, is the best approach.

Another excellent resource on this subject is the Biblical Divorce and Remarriage web site at

I would caution anyone to take their time and never rush into a relationship and remarriage. One thing is sure. God hates divorce and desires reconciliation, but realistically, that is not always possible. Remember though, God is able to do things beyond what we are even able to ask or think. The problem is people want what they want and they want it now! They give up hope and start looking for an excuse to move ahead with their own plans and desires. So research, study, and pray.

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