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Isn’t Ps 58:3 a hyperbole meaning as soon as children are old enough they start sinning?

One should not call Psalm 58:3 a hyperbole without adequate justification. There is, of course, the use of hyperbole in Scripture, but only bias against the plain statement of this passage leads one to do so here, in my opinion. But even to call this hyperbole does not do away with the plain statement of the passage that even from birth children go astray. Note that it clearly says, they are wicked from birth. It does not say that they speak lies from birth, but that being naturally wicked even from birth, they then speak lies when old enough to do so. It’s clearly a matter of root and fruit or cause and effect. Remember also, David is the author of this Psalm and this interpretation fits with his statement in 51:5. They begin to devise evil from their very youth in that there is no evidence of good or possibility of change in their hearts.

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