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Does Zechariah 5:9 show angels could be female?

While angels generally appear as men in Scripture, Zechariah 5:9 may suggest this is not always the case. The two women mentioned in this passage are not specifically called angels, but they are clearly agents of God or, as some believe, forces of Satan, like angels, good or evil. The fate of the woman (wickedness) is portrayed: She is to be removed from the land. Although some regard the two women as agents of evil (partly because the stork is an unclean bird, Lev 11:19), it seems preferable to regard them as divinely chosen agents. They, along with the wind (also an instrument of God, Ps 104:3-4), would thus demonstrate that the removal was the work of God alone. The simile “wings like those of a stork” is evidently intended to show that the winged women—carried along by the wind—were capable of supporting the woman (wickedness) in the basket over a great distance.

The main point is that Scripture does not identify them as angels and we would be hard pressed to prove that angels sometimes appear as women from this passage.

Also, while the popular series, “Touched by an Angel” may be entertaining for some and may even have a positive moral note, it is loaded with false ideas about God, man, salvation, and angels. It has helped fuel the misconceptions that are in keeping with the angel mania of our day.

If you will check out the theology section on our web site, you will find two studies on angels. One is a short study in view of the popular ideas about angels as displayed in the TV show, “Touched by an Angel.” The other a study of this doctrine.

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