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Pidgin English Bible

newDownload the Gospel of John in Pidgin English here.
Please email partner development with translation comments or to report problems.
If you would like to volunteer to help translate additional portions of the NET Bible (and other materials) into Pidgin English, please email us here partner development

Sample text:

How God Word Com Mit Us
1 From wen taim bigin na im di word dey, and di word dey wit God, and God kpa kpa Imsef na im bi di word. 2 Di word dey wit God from wen taim bigin. 3 Na im make everitin and if no bi sey na in make dem, dem for nor dey for dis world. 4 Na im bi life and dat life na im bi di lite wey pipol get. 5 Di lite dey shine for darkness but darkness no gri wit Am.
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