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The Law

The law John G. Reisinger, in his book Tablets of Stone, pp. 98-99, uses an excellent illustration of this. At one time the American colonies were under the laws of England until 1776. The laws of England formed the basis of the covenant document, or legal document, that was to govern the behavior of individuals and regulate the legal system in the colonies. However, when the colonies became "The United States of America" they united under a new rule and were therefore under a new constitution. When that happened the laws of England no longer had any binding legal authority over Americans. The laws of England were no longer in force. No one could be prosecuted for breaking any of the laws of England No doubt, the U.S. Constitution contained many laws that were similar or identical to the laws of England, but that is not the point. American citizens were responsible to the new constitution, the U.S. Constitution.
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