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  • The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children. - Edward, Duke of Windsor (1895-1977)
  • Adolescence has become a waiting period of enforced leisure with few responsibilities and little or no meaningful contact with adults. - “Adolescent Rolelessness in Modern Society,” a report of the Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development
  • Ours is the only era in the entire history of human life on this planet in which the “elders” of the tribe ask its newer members what the tribal rules and standards of expected behavior would be. - Paul Ramsey, ethicist, Princeton University.
  • More often than not, children are learning major value systems in life from the horizontal peer-culture. The vertical structure is not there in adequate increments of time or intensity to do the job. - Gordon MacDonald, The Effective Father
  • The culture of the electronic Media Prescribes perpetual adolescence and consumption as developmental ideals. Indeed, perpetual adolescence and consumption constitute the twin-pronged gospel of these media.

Quentin J. Schultze et al., Dancing in the Dark

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