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1. Jeanne Calment is the oldest living human whose age can be verified. On her 120th birthday, she was asked to describe her visioin for the future. “Very brief,” she said. - Clark Cothern, Tecumseh, Michigan

2. Another woman was asked the benefits of living to the age of 102. After a pause, she answered, “No peer pressure!” - Win Arn, Arcadia California

3. Finally, John Fetterman, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Madison, Wisconsin, told of an elderly woman who died. Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers. In her instructions for her memorial service, she wrote, “They wouldn’t take me out while I was alive; I don’t want them to take me out when I’m dead.”

Homiletics (Jan.-Mar./96), quoted in Preaching Resources, Spring 1996, p. 77.

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